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Why Your Office Needs To Look Like A Coffee Shop

"46 % of people would prefer to work from their local coffee shop than the office". They say they feel more productive in the cafe.

Not surprisingly, "47 % of respondents prefer the coffee shop to the office".

Thats the latest research from Inc. Magazine's poll of office goers.

As people work more remotely than ever, the value of offices is increasingly being derived from the need for collaboration. But if half the workers prefer the cafe to the office, the next best thing is to bring the coffee shop to the office.

Some Strategies to Install :

Open Up The Plan ... A Bit

Your local cafe isn’t closed into private booths where you can only hear yourself think. The background noise of a cafe is a natural part of the environment. One step that can bring this into the office is The Open plan ... A Bit. (read our article on 'Deep Work' : Offices that Produce Things That Matter in the World)

Take down barriers and partitions, introduce furniture that fosters sitting in a group, like backless couches or tables and pews, and you can create the social environment found in a cafe with ease.

Prepare For Food

Research shows in-office cafeteria setups can improve employee morale, as well as cut down on break time taken by employees. In fact, a Towers Watson study of Silicon Valley workers found that on-site cafeterias saved them 30 to 60 minutes at lunchtime.

While a full blown cafeteria may not be feasible, bar seating with ample space to work and eat, next to a coffee machine may be worth investing in ...

Combine Furniture Types

Herman Miller's 'Public Office Landscape' by Fuse, suggests an open office layout combining bench seating and cafe tables with traditional office chairs and desks.

The report addresses collaboration not in moments, but as movement throughout an office. Furniture with different heights and types provides : ‘Social Desking’ that invites dialogue at the desk, ‘Group spaces’ to allow collaboration in proximity, and ‘Interstitial spaces’ which convert in-between spaces into community space.

Play with Colours & Textures

Your favourite cafe is unlikely to have a dull monolithic interior. Its likely to have lots of textures, graphics and colours to make it look vibrant, lively and alive ...

Use colours boldly. Interiors are meant to convey the brand's image & philosophy. Experiment with textures & materials to provide a sensual experience. Big bold graphics of mission statements, values, tag lines give the space dynamism. Variations in color and visual elements throughout the system give team members a change of scenery. Variety is the spice of Life.

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