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The Future of Food : Cloud Kitchens ('The WeWork Of Kitchens') ...

With so many competing restaurants, high rentals, and rising costs, a Cloud Kitchen is the next wave in Food.

A Cloud Kitchen has no customer dine-in. Operators share facilities to only prepare, package and deliver food. Since there are no customer walk-ins, cloud kitchens can be anywhere and are much smaller in size. They are easier and cheaper to set up compared to a typical cafe or restaurant. Ordering of food is through an app like Swiggy or Zomato. Costs are hence kept to a minimum, customer exposure is high and profit margins are much higher.

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As per Google, Plant-Based Meat Is #1 Tech Trend

As per Eric Schmidt, Ex-Chairman of Google, the most important tech trend (more than AI or self driving cars) will be Plant Based Meats ...

Plant Meat or vegan meat, is protein from plants instead of protein from livestock. Getting protein from plants would reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fight climate change. The meat industry emits significant greenhouse gasses. Plant based proteins would also reduce cost of food production. Especially in developing countries.

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