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How VR is Changing Work (and nearly everything) Forever ...

Here's How VR will change the way we work ...

1. Better Teamwork

Teleconferences or video calls are cumbersome, fidgety, impersonal. VR's changing that. Just slip on your HMD or Head Mounted Display and 'meet' your team from around the world in 10 seconds or less. In VR, long distance meetings are intuitive, interactive & personal ...

2. Saving Money

Business travel wastes hundreds of hours in airport ques, hotels and road trips. Now, you can have a VR meeting without leaving your own office/ home -- saving loads of money, time & admin hassles ...

3. Always Making A Good Impression

When we attend meetings, we try to look our best. In VR world, avatars are our professional digital selves. You can customise how they look, sound & act. Using your avatar, you can attend a VR event without worrying about how you look -- saving you time & effort.

4. Outsource the Mundane

A professional's time is his most precious non-renewable resource which should not be wasted on menial tasks. VR is using robotics to perform mundane, repetitive tasks like filing & admin work. Read 'The 5 Jobs Robots Will Take First'

5. Attracting The Talent ...

Businesses need to attract the best talent. Companies (like Audi, BMW, Tesla) are using 'Virtual Company Tours' to attract new employees while reducing security & privacy risks from new visitors roaming their campuses.

6. ... And Training the Talent

Training new employees is as crucial as hiring good ones. Using a simple VR setup, new hires can understand company culture, meet fellow employees, learn about filing / email / company procedures -- well before joining the office. Read 'Altering The Employee Onboarding Game'

7. Infinite Efficiency

Sometimes your space limits your productivity. With 'A Virtual Desktop' you can have infinite monitors while saving space, increasing flexibility and better multi-tasking. Read 'How To Use Your Monitor in VR'

8. Making It Better

How can we make VR more personal, intuitive and interactive ? Digital worlds are merging with physical worlds to create a Mixed Reality or MR. MR enhances the world around you, overlaying information on top of what you see. You can then interact with these 'virtual objects' using your gestures and voice. Imagine a surgeon overlaying virtual ultrasound images on the patient while performing an operation.

9. Better Data Analysis

Data has become the most valuable currency in today's business. Whoever best analyses data, wins. Viewing 3D graphs using an HMD gives a complete 360 degree understanding of all issues. Read Forbes' article on how VR and AR will change how we visualise data

10. Effective Design

VR is most useful for real estate, design and product development. The applications are endless. Rapid prototyping, design visualisation, conflict management etc. Visualising a project in 360 degrees during design saves enormous time and money. It speeds up decision making while reducing errors.

Our Projects in VR

SAP's Cafe (view project pics here)

Watch our Latest Projects in 360 Degree VR on your Desktop, IOS / Android Mobile or HMD now.

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