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12 Trends Affecting How & What We Eat ...

Here’s how you will have lunch in 2020.

You click an app on your phone and search for nearby restaurants. You’d like to eat a high protein chicken salad today. So you choose a restaurant, customize the salad with green wholesome organic vegetables and order it from the app. By the time you reach, you get an SMS that your meal is ready and it’s waiting for you in box no. 6!

You walk up to box no. 6 and pick up the meal. A digital ticker on box 6 shows your table number - its table C. You walk across to table C. It’s a touchscreen table -- the tabletop is the display!

But you notice it’s not clean -- there are breadcrumbs on it. So you double tap the table and a menu pops up on the surface. You tell the table to ‘clean up’. The table sends a message to a cleaner who runs across and wipes the table immediately. The table ‘smiles back’ and invites you to sit and eat ....

Once your meal’s finished, you tap the table for your bill. You swipe your phone over the pay button, enter your pin and you’re done. The table display shows that you’ve earned 30 loyalty points! 50 loyalty points get you a free sandwich!

Welcome to the Restaurant of the Future Healthy, Casual & People less.

This is an update of our article published earlier in 'Shopping Centre News'. Read the older article Here ...

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