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Interior Design Budget Checklist

Budgeting is one of the most important steps in an interior design project.

Here's a quick checklist to make sure all items are covered:

  • Flooring: ceramic tile, full body porcelain tile, carpet, marble, granite, stained concrete slab, laminated wood, hardwood, engineered wood, linoleum, etc. (make sure you factor in for special finishes like leather, honed, sandblasted etc)

  • Walls and wall coverings: paint, wallpaper, faux finish, wainscoting, wood panelling, tile/stone panelling, glass partitions, fretwork partitions, decorative partitions, partition types, metal, feature walls, veneer panelling -- etc.

  • Ceilings: paint, mouldings, cove, tin ceiling, metal, wooden, grid, acoustic, gypsum etc.

  • Lighting: task, decorative, external, LED, strip lights, etc.

  • Window treatments: blinds, curtains, shades, etc.

  • Bars: size, style, equipment, finishes

  • Furniture: barstools, tables, chairs, lounge seating, pouffs, study tables, benches, outdoor furniture, bed side tables, meeting room / conference tables etc. (finishing & upholstery to be included in cost)

  • Tabletop: centrepieces, tabletop accessories, etc.

  • Decorative accessories: artwork, mirrors, pictures, sculpture, accessories, indoor plants, display items, rugs, carpets,

  • Fixtures: display fixtures, display fittings, backlit displays, TV units etc.

  • New additions: new walls, conceptual architectural elements, etc.

  • Labor costs: The list above represents material costs. Don't forget labor

  • HVAC: screens, installation, unit types, ducting, insulation, .

  • Electrical: power back-up, generators, inverters, servers (including server room floors)

  • Structural

  • Safety equipment : CCTV, access control, software

  • Sound Systems : speakers, woofers, amplifiers, wiring, outdoor speakers etc.

  • Maintenance equipment : ladders, catwalks, hangers, etc.

  • Accoustical considerations : Walls, ceilings, doors, partitions, carpets

  • Kitchen equipment : equipment, counter tops, storage units

  • Toilets : fixtures, mirrors, accessories, counter top finishes, ceiling elements

  • Storage Units : overhead, racks, cupboards,

  • Design Consulting Fees : architects, interior designers, services, graphic, landscape, lighting, structural etc.

  • Fire : Sprinkler Systems, detectors, FHCs, ventillation fans,

  • Landscape : water features, feature walls, paving, grass, artificial grass, plant scapes, vegetation, plantation, etc.

  • Contingencies

  • Signage : backlit, directional, graphic

Points to remember :

  • Make sure units are consistent across rates and quantities. So a . rate should be multiplied by a sqft. quantity.

  • Wastages to be included in rates or quantities.

  • In furniture, include upholstery.

  • Verify that taxes are accounted for.

  • Verify if there is any item with minimum quantity criteria.

  • Follow the carpenter's creed : 'measure twice. cut once'.

  • Always do a quick and dirty check on the budget to make sure its broadly accurate.

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