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Light Your Home - 2

Well-lit interiors require many sources of light. Different areas of the house have varied lighting requirements ...

Halls :

  • Halls require warm welcoming light. But not too bright.

  • Positition door light next to the front door.

  • Use indirect light from soft pendants / lanterns

Dining Areas :

  • Require soft & subtle light

  • Low level pendant fittings provide soft light and focus the dining area

  • Dimmer switches essential in dining areas.

Living Rooms :

  • Living rooms need lights at different levels.

  • Chandeliers with low level lights should be used with other directional & background lights.

  • Living rooms usually require 4-5 different light sources for effective lighting

  • Uprights make the room look bigger.

  • Avoid using downlight since they reduce furniture placement options.

  • For reading zones, use directional lights.

  • Display cabinets / niches require spotlights, strip lights.

  • Always use dimmers for living room light

  • Avoid light behind television -- causes eye strain.

Study / Workrooms :

  • Require directional diffused light.

  • Reduce contrast between directional & diffused light

Bedrooms :

  • Bedrooms require combination of diffused, directional and information lights.

  • No overhead fixtures.

  • Use adjusters next to door and next to main door

  • Provide for information lights -- skirting fixtures -- for night time use

  • Helpful to have a closet light when you open the cupboard door.

Bathrooms :

  • Best to have concealed and recessed lights.

  • Wall hung cabinets should have closet lights

  • All bathroom fixtures should be enclosed.

  • Wall lights and down lights are ideal for bathrooms

  • Ideal to have lights on either side of mirror supplemented by background lighting

  • Lights on either side of mirror ideal for applying makeup

Garden Lights :

  • Low level lights are best -- positioned for highlighting foliage and branches.

  • Background light produced by bouncing light off a plain surface gives enough evening illumination

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