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25 Trends That Are Reinventing Offices


1. Shared Multi-Use Space

Because of increased mobility, seating is NOT fixed. Its shared. In ‘Hotdesking’ 4-6 people share an oval desk thats used for everything from working to meetings to lunches.

2. Stand while Working

“Sitting is the New Smoking” -- as per latest research. Furniture manufactures are making height adjustable tables that allow working/meeting while standing.

3. Community Tables

Offices are being furnished with common tables to create workspaces that are relaxed, collaborative, and flexible.

4. The End of Fixed Layouts

Using moveable, stackable elements for flexibility and collaboration.

5. Flexibility in Form, Shape

Hut shaped rooms. Themed interiors. Telephone booth meeting rooms. Amphitheaters as conference areas. Free form nooks for private meetings.

6. Dedicated Lounges

Offices are being planned with lots of lounge spaces for informal meetings and relaxation.

7. The Office Goes Home ...

And Vice Versa. Working From Home (WFH) is on the rise. People are working 50 % in offices, 25 % at home and 25 % from a third place – which can be your favourite library, Café or art gallery.

8. Rise Of The Work Bar

The kitchen/pantry has opened up. Its got bigger with larger countertops for working while eating. Variants include juice bars and self-serve mocktail counters.

9. Play is Serious Business:

Play increases creativity and health. So we see conference tables doubling up as TT tables, offices with indoor basketball courts, pool tables, climbing walls, slides, video game parlours, etc.

10. Integrated Technology

Providing USB charging points in sofas & loose furniture. We see touchscreen panels in tables & signage. Furniture becomes responsive e.g. your chair alerts you when your posture is incorrect.

11. Hide the Wires

Wireless technology. Manufactures are creating innovative, simple, wire-free furniture.

12. Let there be Light

Efficient lighting is paramount now. Structural systems are being designed around natural light. Interiors are incorporating new lighting technologies -- especially focus & feature LED lighting.

13. Transparency

Glass walls for maximum visibility.

14. Scandinavian Design

Simple clean lines with neutral colors like creams/whites and light woods.

15. Its all in the Mix

Interiors juxtapose modern with classic, natural with bold, contemporary with vintage. Contradiction is the new mantra.

16. Mixed Metals

Combinations of platinum, warm gold, silver, copper, brass.

17. Metallic Wallpapers

Wallpaper is making a comeback. Especially metallic and bold graphic patterned wallpaper.

18. The Bold and the Graphic

The bold graphic look is in -- especially in Reds, Blacks and whites. So are geometric Tiles. And lots of tropical motifs, animal and ethnic prints.

19. Colours make Places

Colours boost happiness. Office zones are being differentiated by colour.

20. The Raw Look is in

Pantone’s color of the year: Jewel toned shades. The trend is toward muted colours, organic shapes and textures.

21. Natural Materials

Reclaimed wood. Exposed Concrete. Hammered Metals. Raw Stones. Edison bulbs.

22. More for Less

More affordable, practical materials to create a luxurious feel. Luxury is going down to the masses.

23. Bring in the Artisans

In this high tech world, interiors are emphasizing the human element through an Artisan inspired Décor that incorporates local handicrafts and craftspersons.

24. Bring the Outdoors In

Studies show that nature and natural light increase productivity, wellbeing and creativity by as much as 15 %. Moreover, greenery helps in sound absorption, refraction, and deflection.

25. Recycle and Reuse

Sustainability is at the heart of everything that is manufactured today. Using materials that can be recycled, repurposed, reinvented and reused.

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