We at Blue Leaves School of Design have created a curriculum for freshers and working professionals to learn and upgrade their skill in visual merchandising.

Its not just a course but a skill impartation and enhancement process with a clear vision into visual merchandising for retail industry along with subject knowledge.


Visual merchandising in digital age, saturated markets and ever more demanding shoppers, the science and art of visual merchandising is beyond the brick and motar only! In the age of digitisation shoppers come to the store not to just buy a product but to get an everlasting experience and unique knowledge.


Within just three seconds pulling inside a walker by can only be done by an effective  store front/entrance strategy! This is just the beginning. VM scientifically creates an environment for shopper to browse, experience the merchandise, make a purchase decision and revisit the store!


Another important aspect is the integration of offline and online experience which an aspiring VM should understand thoroughly!


The course content is created in conjunction with big players in the industry who are veterans and can envisage the requirement of the future.The course facilitation apart from subject knowledge include real life case studies and projects to bridge the gap between knowledge and industry application.

About This Course
Course Summary
Interior Training

Topics covered

  • Introduction Principles of Interior Designing

  • Architectural Theory and Design Theory

  • Drawing, Sketching and Illustration

  • Designing of Furniture

  • Designing of Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Storages, Staircases, Partitions etc.

  • Construction Theory

  • Fabric / Textile Science

  • Designing of Ceramic Tiles, Mirrors, Glasses.

  • Painting and Lighting Theory

  • Wall Coverings and Flooring

  • Plants and Planters Study

  • Display - Merchandising

  • Cost Control / Budgeting and Financial Analysis

  • Art and Culture

  • Project Work / Portfolio Visits

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